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Feasibility & Design

Fizibilite ve Dizayn

Our turnkey projects start by assessing your needs. In solar and hydro projects, the evaluation of the targeted area is the first step; while in wind projects, the required data measurements must be taken for a duration of 6 months before designing the system. By using the related softwares for analysing the collected data, a feasibility study is carried out to determine the optimum point between the power generation and the cost. Then, the system is designed for the desired location. After creating a virtual model of the system, it is simulated for a period of 365 days to foresee its real life results. This process also ensures us that no undesired hazards will occur during operation of the systems in real life. After achieving satisfying results, detailed drawings for the electrical and the mechanical designs are prepared.

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Investment Analysis

Yatirim Planlama

After the equipment reconnaissance (calculating the necessary quantity of each piece), the models are chosen to produce the best possible result with a competitive price. These decisions are made by our experienced team, who also follows the technological advancements on a day to day basis. Having chosen the most fitting brand and model, the cost of the system is calculated and then converted to €, using the current conversion rates. The resulting figure is then used to calculate the pay-back time of the system, and, the profit it generates at the end of its estimated life (25 years). All these calculations are presented as a spreadsheet with appropriate graphics.

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Project Management


Senerji Solutions guarantees to conclude a project (upon the approval date) in the shortest time possible. In order to achieve this, a Gantt chart is prepared right after the decision to build the project is made. Our logistics department makes certain that all the transportation occurs in accordance with the timetable.  Our assembly team also constantly checks the engineers working on site, making sure that the system is installed correctly. After the system is activated under our supervision, the power generation, sensor readings and detected errors can all be tracked online. Consequently, our engineers can notify our costumers in advance if they detect any flaws. 

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