Senerji Solutions offers the most efficient system to generate the maximum possible energy while the ecological balance remains undisturbed




  • Site Inspection - The flow of the river is measured in each season and geographical conditions of the river are evaluated to decide on the optimum location for the plant. 
  • System Design - Based on targeted power and geographical characteristics of the area, appropriate type of turbine, net head, distances and all other aspects are decided upon.
  • Feasibility Studies - The electricity generation of the plant is determined through meticulous calculations after taking the efficiency and specifications of turbine technology and other electro-mechanical components into account.
  • Investment Analysis - The price of the land for the construction site, the cost for the licence, the Feed-in Tariff and electricity rates are taken into consideration in order to calculate the investment cost of the project.
  • Economical Evaluation - Investment cost and bank loans are taken into account to find out the break-even point and total revenue of the project. 
  • Product Procurement - Turbines are provided from HPP (French company, founded in 1972), a trusted partner of Senerji. Its turbines have been preferred in projects, over 100 MW rated power, throughout four continents. 
  • Installation - Our dedicated team is present at the site during the installation period to efficiently accomplish the installation of turbines and all other electrical and mechanical components. Our renewable energy expert electrical engineers supervise the process with periodic visits to site.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance - With the help of automation and scada systems, faults and hazardous situations can be detected and prevented at early stages. Periodical maintenance is available on request. 



  • Works with 80-90% efficiency rating
  • Long long term investment since it has a long life span
  • Daily time interval of electricity generation 
  • Hydro power plants with reservoirs able to generate constant electricity 
  • No oil or petroleum costs
  • Very low operation and maintenance costs


  • The flow of the river is proportional with the precipitation. Average precipitation levels over 20-25 years allow for accurate forecasting of electricity generation of the plant over a year. 
  • The availability of accurate data about the flow and characteristics of rivers minimises errors in forecasting. 
  • Advanced scada and automation systems prevent any faults and operational danger in advance. 

Environmental & Social


  • The source is infinite and sustainable water
  • Carbon emission is avoided
  • Hydropower plants provide jobs for the local people
  • The river bed is regulated
  • Sustainable energy is generated without deteriorating the ecological balance

Types of Turbines


Power: 100kW - 7MW 

Net Head: 1.80m - 25m


Power: 100kW - 15MW

Net Head: 15m - 200m


Power: 100kW - 10MW

Net Head: 100m - 1 km

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