"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that."

- Thomas Edison



  • Site Inspection - The site of the project is examined by our dedicated team to measure the size, slope and direction of the roof. The positions of the low voltage panel and energy meters are taken into account in order to make accurate cable length and thickness choices.
  • Feasibility Studies - The optimum system is planned in accordance with budget, space or targeted rated power.
  • System Design - Using PVSyst, technical specifications of the system are designed. The number and location of the solar panels and inverters are determined to provide maximum efficiency while minimising wiring and mounting costs. 
  • Investment Analysis - The price of the land for the construction site, the Feed-in Tariff and electricity rates are taken into consideration in order to calculate investment cost of the project.
  • Economical Report - Investment cost and bank loans are taken into account to find out the break-even point and total revenue of the project. 
  • Permissions & Licencing Consultancy - Our engineers are taking care of all the technical drawings and calculations required to obtain necessary permissions and acquire licence to produce energy. They also follow-up the whole process. 
  • Product Procurement - Orders for the products are closely followed to make sure they are received on time.
  • Installation - With the supervision of renewable energy experts, the installation is efficiently completed. After the installation, the system is initiated. 
  • Monitoring and O&M - The system can be monitored according to preference in order to detect and prevent in advance any faults or hazardous situations. Periodical maintenance is also available on request. 



  • Significant reduction in electricity bills
  • Grants provided by government supported development agencies 
  • Low cost loans offered by banks for solar investments
  • Government guarantees to buy the produced electricity for at least 10 years
  • The price of solar electricity higher than that of grid electricity
  • Negligible operational costs 
  • Very profitable investment for long life span (25-30 years) 


  • Due to the modular design of the system, panel add-ons are applicable. 
  • On account of the absence of moving parts, errors are minimised.
  • Simulation via PVSyst is accurate as the meteorological data for 35 years provides the necessary figures. 
  • System variables (production, temperature, etc) can be monitored via internet simultaneously.
  • Precaution via fault detection. 
  • With off-grid option, it makes electricity available in all areas.
  • Can provide uninterrupted electricity with the help of an integrated storage battery. 

Environmental & Social

  • Infinite and easily available source
  • Carbon emission prevented
  • Noise pollution eliminated
  • Recyclable PV panels
  • Easy installation allowing production of energy for individuals
  • Tidy appearance of system due to identical panels






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