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Sonay KALE


Sonay Kale was born in Giresun on December 25, 1962. He graduated from one of the most prestigious high schools in Turkey, Galatasaray High School, in 1982. He did his undergraduate studies at I.T.U (Istanbul Technical University) in electrical engineering.

After graduating from the university in 1987, he started his career at Siemens. He departed from Siemens after 3 successful years to move to Merlin Gerin, which is currently known as Schneider. He worked in Merlin Gerin for 4 years and then decided to join to Korona Group as managing partner. He gained invaluable experience in equipment and system sales, high voltage and medium voltage contracting. He then decided to establish his own company, Senerji Engineering in 2000 after 7 years of dedication to Korona Group. By establishing Senerji Engineering, he has mainly focused on equipment sales and turnkey project sales.

He aims to be the pioneer in meeting the demands of the electrical and energy sector by closely keeping up with recent developments in technology and foreseeing the possible needs of the sector. Nowadays, he has set up Senerji Solutions with a young, sophisticated and dynamic team to provide consultancy and turnkey solutions to investors in the developing renewable energy sector.

Since his childhood, he has always been active socially. He has been a member of the Galatasaray Sports Club Congress for almost 25 years. He is also an administrative board member of the Galatasaray Charity Trust. He had played an important role in the construction of the Galatasaray Charity Trust Rest Home. He has been very loyal to his community and he has always attempted to give back what Giresun has contributed in his development. Therefore, he undertook the responsibility to become the deputy chairman of the struggling Giresunspor between 2010 and 2012.

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Orkun KALE

Project Director

Orkun Kale was born in Istanbul on November 7, 1989. He started his education in Sisli Terakki Elemantary School. He developed work discipline and the ability to cope with deadlines in Uskudar American Academy, one of the most established high schools in Turkey, where he discovered his interest in maths and physics.

He completed his undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems at the University of Nottingham. By undertaking both electrical and renewable energy based modules, he developed a strong electrical background, which has vital significance in understanding the procedure of power generation from renewable energy sources. He decided to add analytical approach to his strong technical background in order to improve his perception of renewable energy in terms of technology, applications, environmental impact and safety, economics, and government policies by pursuing a MSc program in Renewable Energy at the University of Reading. Able to use Matlab, C++, PSpice, PSIM, PVSyst and IES-VE, he is an accomplished renewable energy specialist and electrical engineer.

He has always been very interested in all kinds of sports. During his years in UK, he played Sunday League football at RAS Rovers, Berkshire. He also attended the football coaching courses. He was awarded with Level 2 Certificate in Football Coaching by English FA. He reveals that coaching has taught him how to approach and motivate people to make them achieve what has been asked for.

After receiving his masters degree in the fall of 2012, he went back to Turkey to work as a sales engineer. Transformers, insulators and neutral resistors were in his scope. In September 2013, he spearheaded the establishment of Senerji Solutions as an autonomous department in Senerji Engineering. He is now serving as a project director at Senerji Solutions.

Alican Ozden

Alican ÖZDEN

Project Director

Born in 1990, Alican’s interest for the renewable sector started when he realized the challenges that businesses face in a market no longer defined by fossil fuels. The courses he took during his MSc program, at the University of Reading, like ‘Carbon Management’ and ‘Energy in Buildings’, exposed him to the ever-important practical aspects of the industry; while having an electrical background from his undergraduate study at the University of Nottingham helped him fully comprehend the power generation technologies behind the systems.

The internships he pursued during his education years were in a variety of business sectors, which have helped him garner diverse skills to meet the ever-changing, demanding and multi-faceted requirements of a successful career in engineering. In addition to his professional experiences, his extracurricular activities have equipped him with versatile attributes that have strengthened his competence. Being the president of the Model United Nations club in his high school taught him to handle the events objectively. Also, representing Turkey with the National Sailing Team taught him the importance of working as a team and pushing forward until goals are reached under intense pressure; and setting new standards for the future.

Today, Alican is working as a Project Director at Senerji Solutions, making use of his eagerness and experience.