ODIN is 'the' next generation high efficiency wind power system that has overcome the shortcomings and limitations of the existing wind power technology.


Operating Principles

Even though the wind is an unlimited and clean source of energy, it has shortcomings of limited installation locations and environmental constraints. It requires expensive transmission infrastructures, due to the distance between the sites of power generation and the location of the demand because it requires a minimum wind speed of 7 m/s in a constant direction and a large area of land for installation.

By creating a vortex, based on the difference in wind pressure, ODIN can generate power using the breeze blowing at no more than 3.5 m/s despite frequent changes in wind direction. Furthermore, the exterior of the system resembles a building and has a very stable construction, allowing it to be built in downtown areas or on building rooftops.

ODIN can produce at least 4 times more electricity than existing wind power systems while taking up only 1/80 of the space that they require. Solar panels can be installed in the south side and on the rooftop of a tower to create a hybrid energy system.

ODIN Operating Principles

ODIN Operating Principles

Advantages & Benefits

  • Stable generation of power with breeze blowing at as low as 3.5 m/s
  • Capability of power generation even in high wind blowing over 25 m/s due to secure fastening at both the top and the bottom of a turbine
  • Not affected by frequent changes in wind direction
  • Unlimited capability of capacity design by changing the size of the wind capture area and the number of floors
  • Supporting smart grid by using ESS (Energy Storage System) and EMS (Energy Management System)
  • Making little noise or vibration because the turbine is installed inside the tower and spins by the difference in wind pressure
  • Generating power with wind speeds below 3.5 m/s and over 25 m/s, which existing power systems are unable to use
  • Generating power independently on each floor so that the system continues to operate, even if partial failure occurs
  • Generating power at all the places without sufficient wind required for existing wind power turbines
  • Allowing installation in downtown areas and on building rooftops.
  • Low failure rate due to the dual vertical support design for maximum stability.
  • Easy to repair and maintain the system at a low cost by using a winch or hoist
  • Minimum land use due to multiple stacked generators
  • Allowing the lower floors of the ODIN tower for various uses such as community facilities
  • Capability for solar panels to be installed on the rooftop
  • No damage to ecosystems unlike propellers which destroy birds, and make vibrations and noise.
  • No harmful effects of high voltage on health due to low voltage operation.
ODIN Advantages & Benefits

ODIN Advantages & Benefits



  • Locating the ideal site for the wind turbine farm
  • Measurements and data collection at the site
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Equipment procurement
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


  • Optimum scaling of the project
  • Design
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Economical analysis
  • Equipment procurement
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


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